Welcome to the Toast Wiki!

The place to share information and configs for Father Toast's Minecraft mods.


The Toast Wiki is here to help you learn more about Father Toast's mods!

  • Creepers riding pigs, oh my!Go to Special Mobs
  • How handy! Just don't let him get killed.Go to Utility Mobs
  • Hello! I'd like to melt your skin!Go to Lava Monsters
  • Whoever wrote this may have have a bit too much mushroom stew...Go to Lost Books
  • I am the Cactus Lord!Go to Natural Absorption
  • Ahh, nothing like a nice, relaxing sit by the fireplace on a cold day.Go to Player Heads
  • Those silly zombies, always putting stuff on their heads.Go to Mob Properties
  • I don't think torches will help...Go to Deadly World

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